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Hair Prosthetics

Non Medical Hair Restoration

There are several reasons why some individuals unfortunately cannot benefit from hair transplant methods available at DHI Medical Group, resorting to hair prosthesis.  Hair prosthesis in its more recent form has been

around for a long time, with some sources stating since the 1950s.

Throughout the centuries wigs and hairpieces have been the sole method of aesthetically concealing a balding area.

The Prosthetics department at DHI Medical Group is up-to-date with the most recent methods, staffed with seasoned personnel, offering a wide range of products.That is why patients repeatedly tell us how they are pleased with the results; results that are so natural that they are practically unrecognizable!

At DHI Medical Group there is an array of choices that are available to the patient.  The choice the customer will make is based upon one’s financial status and his/her expectations.  Sometimes a hairpiece with a cheaper price might yield a more satisfactory result in comparison to a more e

xpensive option.  Upon consulting with an expert at DHI Medical Group the perfect prosthetic solution can be determined.




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