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Read useful information about hair loss and hair loss treatments. Stay up to date with DHI Medical Group's news and latest achievements in hair restoration.


Hair Restoration Procedures Up to 60% Worldwide

 The worldwide volume of surgical hair restoration procedures performed from 2014 to 2016 rose 60 percent.

Paddy Reilly is having a Hair Transplant

The professional boxer, and star of Glasgow's first reality glamour series GLOW, visited DHI Scotland to stop his receding hairline.

The Strange Moment When You Realize You Should Have Changed Your Old Passport

"Excuse me sir can you please step to the side and confirm all of the details on your passport including your place and DOB."

Academy Masters Meeting 2017 - Photos & Videos

The 25th Academy Masters Meeting was held on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 of June 2017 at Cape Sounio Exclusive Resort in Greece

Academy Masters Meeting 2017 – Hair Holds The Key

Academy Masters Meeting 2017 – Hair Holds The Key – 17 & 18 June, 2017 at Cape Sounio Exclusive Resort, Sounion, Greece

Lecture of Konstantinos Giotis at the University of Lyon, France

DHI Global Medical Group has established partnerships with public European Universities and actively contributes to courses.

Highly Commended Innovative clinic of The year

We are delighted to be Highly Commended Innovative clinic of The year in Scotland.

Vote for "The most Innovative Clinic of the year"

Scotland’s Medical Cosmetic Awards have announced that DHI Scotland have been nominated for the prestigious award of “The most Innovative Clinic of the year”.


DHI Scotland has been recognized with an annual award based on patient service excellence ratings from healthcare search engine WhatClinic.com.

Hair Transplant in Turkey: A Patient’s Worst Nightmare

True Story of a Hair Transplant in Turkey: Patient Calls for Help, Doctor Suggests He Light a Cigarette and “Relax”

Ian West, 6 Months after the DHI Session

Check photos and video review just six months after his DHI Session.

Oxidative stress and the DHI Hair Biology Test

Oxidative stress is thought to contribute to a number of health problems, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, depression, and recently, to hair loss.

DHI Physicians Certified in Hair Transplantation at an Academic Level (University of Athens)

The DHI Global Medical Group is the first and only medical institution worldwide who offers hair transplantation from expert physicians who have obtained a specialized academic training certificate from the DHI Hair Restoration Specialization Course held at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (UOA)

Christmas came early at DHI!

This December has a special gift for you! For the whole month, you get 20% off all our PRP treatments for hair loss!

Hair Biology Test brings the revolution in hair loss diagnosis

The Hair Biology Test is a new key component in our advanced hair loss DSA (Diagnostic System for Alopecia), which offers the most comprehensive medical diagnosis for all types of alopecia


The Hair Restoration Magazine

HairLines Winter 2016-2017 issue is now available for download. Claim your free digital copy!


Hair Transplant - Man vs Machine

In this article we explain the automation of hair transplants along with the pros and cons of man vs machine.

DHI at Dailyrecord

Eyeing a bushy brow? Longing for that hipster beard? How you can transform your failing follicles to embrace the new trends


Prof. Vasilis Gorgoulis (University of Athens)

Professor Vassilis Gorgoulis talks about the research project in collaboration with the DHI Global Medical Group (VIDEO)

Is the DNA damage detected in hair follicles from patients with androgenetic alopecia oxidative stress driven?

The results will be announced very soon and will lead to a new innovative “Hair Biology Test” that will be introduced to all DHI patients worldwide!


Academic training program for doctors in “DHI Total Care System” at Eugenidion University Hospital

Specialization Program in the Curing Treatment of Androgenetic forms of Alopecia (including others) from Eugenidion University Hospital and the London Hair Restoration Training Academy

BUYER BEWARE: Medical Tourism for Hair Transplants can have costly consequences

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery warns of technicians spawning black market to perform hair transplants

DHI: Hair Transplant must be performed only by certified doctors

Hair transplantation is an innovative medical procedure which, when performed by certified physicians in the field, gives a permanent solution to hair loss.

Ian West, 3 Months after the DHI Session

Ian won the Free DHI Session in June. Check his progress 3 months later.

What is the life cycle of hair?

The production of hair is not continuous but cyclic. The growth phase (Anagen) is succeeded through a transitional phase of regression (Catagen), by the rest phase (Telogen), and the cycle is preserved.

Stem Cells may be the future in Hair Restoration!

Loyal to our vision for changing the world of hair restoration, we continuously invest in research and development in order to contribute to the health and well- being of all patients suffering from hair loss and scalp disorders.

Ian West, Ten Days after the DHI Session

Ian West, 10 days after his DHI Session.

Ian West, One Day after the DHI Session

Ian West, the next day of his DHI Session.

Ian West, DHI Session Step-by-step

Check by photos step-by-step a DHI Hair Transplant.

Amazing result just 6 months after the DHI Session

"Cannot believe this is actually ME!!! Best thing I've done"

DHI Result one year after

He chose DHI for his hair restoration and today his look is much better than the past.

A famous Greek TV Presenter, one year after his DHI Session

Hair Transplant Result, one year after DHI Hair Transplant.

DHI Academy Masters Meeting- University of Athens, 28 & 29 May 2016

Another Academy Masters Meeting has come to the end. This one was probably one of the best ever organized by London Hair Restoration Training Academy. Once again, DHI Global Medical Group proved that it is by far the largest and most experienced medical team of the world in hair restoration. With our new innovative research projects, we have taken things to the highest level of scientific research and this is only the beginning.

The Winner of the Free DHI Session

DHI Scotland would like to announce the big winner of the free DHI Hair Transplant is Mr Ian West!

DHI Medical Group received EBA national award in customer focus category.

CEO and founder of DHI Medical Group, Mr. Giotis receiving EBA national award in customer focus category.

One more film star at DHI Medical Group

 Film star from Sri Lanka, Kushal Wickremage, who undertook DHI Direct treatment, looking himself in the mirror.

One more film star from Sri Lanka, Kushal Wickremage, undertook DHI Direct.

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