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My HT with DHI Global - 6 months ago

Good afternoon all,

I have been an avid reader here in the past as a worried man, losing ones hair, this pre my HT six months I am now in the fortunate position of having had such a successful DHI (essentially an FUE) transplant via DHI Global in London  I want to see if I can assist anyone else thinking of under going this procedure…

Back story:

Ok so my hair had been getting me down for about five years, more and more receding and the crown all-bar gone!

I did A LOT of research on clinics and heard good and bad from abut them all, travel wasn't an option, I was certain I could find THE right result at home in the UK.

So after many meets with various doctors in Harley Street and surrounding roads I met with Anita at DHI Global in London and was immediately put at ease and after her showing me endorsements from celebrity and non celebrity clients, I felt that DHI was the way to go for me, so at the end of October (worryingly close to Halloween) I booked myself in for a 1-day Mega session for a DHI - Direct Hair Implantation.

And what a choice I made!

I was made to feel like royalty when I arrived all be it admittedly for a tall and big man I was ridiculously nervous, but I (hopefully) didn't let that show... My nerves soon vanished when I was properly talked through the procedure and introduced to Medical Director and the man to do my procedure - Dr George.

The Procedure:

So four hours of lying on my front in the 'massage position' as I like to call it where I dropped off twice, where my hairs on the donor area were extracted was followed by a nice lunch and read of the papers, then it was 3-4 hours of implanting them. Job done and pain free... I even went to the theatre afterwards and had a few brandies (against the advice of Dr George) but I was on cloud 9, I could instantly see a hairline for the first time in YEARS!

Post surgery:

I was so proud to have the hairline I was given immediately after the treatment and that (as advised) fell away after about four weeks. All the transplanted hairs had come out by week 7.

I kept my hair at a level 0.4, from then on and come month four a rapid growth happened!!!
Day by day more hair was filling in it was then when I stopped shaving my head.

I am now coming up to 6 months post surgery and I would have taken this brilliant result as the final result BUT am left to believe I have another year of growth and filling out to come. Wonderful!

Absolutely delighted and I am so lad I decided to go with DHI Global!!

Pictures before, during and NOW attached and if anyone has ANY questions, ask them here, I shall be monitoring the thread.



Before DHI



The DHI Session Day



The Next Day





5 Days after the Session



6 Days after the Session



10 Days after the Session



11 Days after the Session



1 month after the Session



6 weeks after the Session

6 weeks after



12 weeks after the Session

12 weeks after


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