History page

Brief History

When Konstantine Giotis founded the DHI Medical Group in 1970, the number of clinics that specialized in the treatment of Alopecia and hair loss could be counted on one hand.

Today there are thousands of clinics and the number is growing by the hundreds every year. Many of these clinics have a short life span and fail for various reasons.

At DHI Medical Group we have survived the test of time, while growing larger and stronger. We have a worldwide reputation second to none. This is inspired by our vision, mission and values.

Committed to Our Vision, Mission & Values  

For 50 years we have been committed to our vision to change the world of hair restoration from inside out, through research, education & innovative treatments.

Our mission in DHI Scotland is to help patients with alopecia and patients who suffer from hair & scalp disorders, following our 7 values: education, innovation, credibility, transparency, effectiveness, care and belief in science.

Quality Standardization

DHI Scotland faithfully follows the exact operating procedures (SOP) and the strict protocols developed by the DHI Medical Group, and held in each process stage and ensuring top safety, high quality and perfect results in every treatment.

All doctors and staff members at DHI Scotland are fully certified and qualified to perform under the strict DHI protocols. 

DHI Scotland is registered with Healthcare Improvement Scotland and as a member of DHI Medical Group, the clinic operates under ISO protocols.DHI Certifications


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