ANNOUNCEMENT From The DHI Medical Team: "We Do Not Recommend The Use Of Finasteride".

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ANNOUNCEMENT From The DHI Medical Team: "We Do Not Recommend The Use Of Finasteride".

28 Sep 2017


One of the pharmaceutical preparations used for many years in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia is finasteride at the dosage of one (1) mg per day.

The DHI Global Medical Group, with respect to the patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia and knowing the side effects of necessarily chronic use of this drug, has never officially recommended through its medical department or prescribes finasteride.

In addition, DHI, involved in the last two years in the University Research Area and in particular through its collaboration with the Athens University Psychiatric Clinic, investigates the psychological consequences of androgenetic alopecia and notes its negative effect on the concept of melancholy, dysmorphosis and reduction of patient's self-confidence.

This is another very serious reason to further support the Company's negative attitude towards the use of finasteride, refusing to further burden the psyche of its patients by adding any physical disorder such as a reduction in sexual momentum or gynecomastia, side effects of chronic use of finasteride.

Lastly, DHI, in an attempt to protect the health of its patients with androgenetic alopecia, who have personally chosen the chronic use of finasteride, has always proposed through its medical department all necessary basic examinations before the start of use of the formulation, i.e. urologist clinical examination, prostate antigen screening (PSA), prostate ultrasound and spermogram, and annual system re-testing.

DHI Global Medical Group Medical Team