DHI Scotland is a Hair Transplant COVID-Protective Facility

Hair Transplant COVID-Protective Facility

DHI Scotland is a Hair Transplant COVID-Protective Facility

08 May 2020
  1. At DHI Scotland we routinely ask patients for a relevant COVID-19 history of their own health and their contacts.
  2. We follow social distancing guidelines by limiting contact of patients with one another whether in consultation or in a procedure and arrange waiting room seating accordingly.
  3. The DHI staff uses suitable equipment/PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS).
  4. We routinely use relevant health histories and daily temperature monitoring of all clinic staff and patients as part of our strategy to prevent contagion. Additionally, we follow all government guidelines on use of testing to monitor staff.
  5. In addition to using proper PPE, we use appropriate cleansing, disinfecting and sterilization procedures throughout the office/clinic.
  6. We advise patients of hand washing protocols in the office/clinic and how to change gloves, gown and masks.
  7. We assure the public that the staff have received additional training with regards to proper COVID-19 infection control methods.
  8. All procedures are performed only by DHI Certified Doctors who are also GMC Registered, and certified by the London Hair Restoration Academy.

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