Fake DHI clinics in Turkey


Fake DHI clinics in Turkey

18 Feb 2019

Illegal clinics, tragic results and health risks for patients!

In recent years, Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations for those looking for an economical solution to their hair loss problem. Unfortunately, few know that hair transplantation in Turkey poses enormous risks not only to their hair but to their overall health and, of course, their safety. Today, in Turkey, there are hundreds of clinics offering hair transplants at a “cheap price”. While traditional neighbouring country tourism is in a sharp decline, mainly due to the unstable environment that has been shaped by continued terrorist attacks and anti-European politics, thousands of patients from both Europe and the Middle East insist on travelling to the country to undergo cheap hair transplantation. But are they aware of the dangers they face?

Illegal clinics, tragic results

According to official data, at least 60% of the estimated 500 clinics operating in Turkey are illegal and therefore not subject to any control. Essentially, these are non-certified “centres” that do not respect the basic rules of hygiene and in which hair transplants are not performed by doctors but by nurses, unskilled staff and even hairdressers! Thus, in most cases, the result of these hair transplants is tragic and often irreversible. In fact, there are many reports of patients who have complained that they have been victimized by petitions, resulting in loss of their money, or even that their lives were in danger due to tragic mistakes and omissions that were made during the hair transplant.

Is there a DHI clinic in Turkey?

Often, many patients ask if there is a DHI clinic in Turkey. The answer is no! And yet, dozens of clinics in Turkey claim to offer DHI’s advanced protocols at a much higher cost than any other technique (FUE, FUT). Of course, this is a bad imitation that has nothing to do with DHI and the Direct Hair Implantation protocols.

An online tour of Turkey’s hair transplant clinics is enough to uncover the magnitude of incredible fraud that is perpetrated daily at the expense of unsuspecting patients!

For this reason, DHI Global Medical Group asks patients to be very careful: Direct Hair Implantation is performed and offered exclusively by DHI centres and not by any non DHI clinic/doctor!

Cheap packages that… cost!

Hair transplants in illegal clinics in Turkey are economical but result in tragic results and therefore have painful consequences both for the patients’ psychology and their pocket. Therefore, most of the time, the “cheap solution” proves to be “catastrophic” since the result needs immediate repair with more than one intervention when this is feasible. For all these reasons, patients suffering from hair loss should not forget that hair transplantation is a medical act that must be performed only by experienced and certified doctors.

At DHI Scotland, all our Doctors are GMC Registered and our Clinic is Certified by Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

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