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Education VS Information

These days, a variety of information about anything and everything is just one click away. You can find out about hair loss and all that comes with it online, but statistics reveal that patients who suffer from hair loss, visit very few websites and spend an average of one hour looking for information.

Selecting the appropriate treatment and clinic for your case of hair loss is a big decision, and you should have all the information before you decide.

In order to properly inform patients before they decide how they want to deal with hair loss, the DHI Global Medical Group cooperates with the London Academy of Hair Restoration and provides FREE online courses and seminars to all patients, through a Patient Education Program. 

Education – The Mother of Innovation

The DHI Academy is the world’s first full time training institution for hair restoration.

The Academy developed strict educational protocols and SOPS (Standard Operating Procedures) and has now trained doctors, nurses and clinic managers from around the world.

We are proud that our protocols are now recognized by Public Health Authorities, ISO, the World Health Academy and are taught at public European Universities.

In the near future we hope to establish the first University that will offer full time courses for the diagnosis and treatment of alopecia and hair and scalp disorders for doctors, nurses and clinic managers

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Chat with us via WhatsApp